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We believe that people make all the difference in entrepreneurship based value creation. We have backed people who are driven by passion and an aspiration to excel.

We do not think of ourselves as venture investors but as Joint Venture partners of our invested companies. Our level of support, guidance, involvement and alignment is more representative of a closely formed joint venture and not of a typical financial investor.

We believe that this view of the relationship gives both ourselves and the invested companies tremendous flexibility to make necessary changes as required in strategy or in any other aspect of the business.

We believe in long term value creation and the fact that we are not a fund with a specific investment cycle gives us tremendous flexibility to focus on creating value over a longer period of time. Exit decisions are more representative of how a JV partner would approach exit decisions and are typically in 3 to 5 years. Our structure provides us with the flexibility to invest not only at early stage but also in taking up mid sized companies to listing.


Given the early-stage profile of companies in which we invest, we focus on the experience and capabilities of the management team as the primary determinant of success. We look for a strong and cohesive team which has the right balance of passion, vision, flexibility, realism and confidence. We expect the management team to demonstrate openness to change and willingness to course correct on the way, if need be. In addition to a quality management team, we always look for scientific or innovation driven businesses that target areas that are impacted positively by increasing globalization. As an active partner, we look to bring our significant business building experience to bear, in partnership with a management team open and accepting of constructive and strategic assistance. We look for management teams with whom we can have a true partnership where in personalities, work philosophy, value systems and approach are totally aligned.
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